Maine Coon Cat Breeders in Suffolk

We have kittens! See the kitten page here.

My name is Chrissie and I am a Maine Coon cat breeder based in Felixstowe, Suffolk. I share this wonderful hobby with my husband Steve.

I hope you enjoy reading through my website and also enjoy meeting all of my Maine Coon cats and kittens. I occasionally have Maine Coon kittens for sale to both show and pet homes and for more information please visit my kitten page.

Our aim and goal has always been to breed excellent type kittens with a wonderful temperament with health being of paramount importance.

We show our cats with Tica which can be very good fun.

Breeding is second nature to us and all our cats are treated as our adored loving pets first and foremost.

Maine Coon cat

We strongly believe that kittens should be born in the house and not in outside pens, Mothers need constant loving care during the birthing and I am always there on hand to help, I do not work so my cats and kittens get lots of quality play time this also helps the kittens to be joyful happy bundles when they go to their new loving homes.

We have now been very lucky to have beautiful cats from Russia, Poland. Ukraine & Belgium also France, Germany. We breed from Champion & Imported lines.

Maine Coon cats are marvellous with children other cats and dogs and stay very loyal to their owners. (That's why we chose this breed)

All Our cats are tested or have Negative parents for :- HCM, PKD, FIV, FELV